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Reiki Courses, Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapies are accessible in Gatineau (Aylmer) Quebec, close to Ottawa, through Cheryl Driskell. She teaches Reiki level I, II and III, as well as the Reiki Master Teacher Level and offers additional courses in "Intuitive Development", “Be In Your Heart Light Training”, "Staying in My Body to Raise my Consciousness", "The Happiness Protocols for Seekers of Happiness" and "Truth Seekers Workshop - Open Hearts Open Minds," for insights, support and healing of one's self and others. From time to time she teaches in Ottawa.

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Counseling and Energy Therapies
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Cheryl is the author of three books and the Founder and CEO of the Canadian School of Naturotherapies and Spiritual Development. This new school is the only school to begin training individuals as Registered Integrative Naturotherapists in the areas of Reiki, Intuitive Counseling and Energy Therapies. Online programs and courses are available now, with in-class courses being dispersed throughout the community until a permanent home is opened.

To learn more, please go to www.canadiannaturotherapies.com

The body, mind and spirit work in tandem with one another. When one is imbalanced the others go out of alignment as well. We can become forgetful, resentful, angry, fearful, easily frustrated, depressed, disconnected, spiritually exhausted, or feel weakened, tired and physically ill.

Finding the way to bring about balance, connection and wholeness is crucial. A part of you within, already knows how to do this. That aware part of you can intuitively be asked to make itself known, so the primary patterns responsible for your discomforts can be released through energy work. Looking in to embrace the entirety of your healing potential is the key to re-establishing your equilibrium!

As a Reiki Teacher, Intuitive Counsellor and Energy Therapist, Cheryl can assist you in better understanding the psychological and spiritual issues that are causing you physical or emotional discomfort. She will do everything she can to help you feel connected, whole and at peace! Cheryl is also available to assist individuals in the steps to their greater spiritual understanding and unfolding.


Words cannot describe the profound value of Cheryl's intuitive work. She is truly gifted and has not only enriched my life through her intuitive energy therapy, but has also enabled my partner to feel "reborn" and my friends to gain "true insight" into their lives. I would recommend Cheryl to anyone who truly desires to heal. Marian Frances/Ottawa
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For support, Cheryl is available at (819)328-9128 or through her email at cdriskell333@gmail.com

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